Cash Flow Analysis

Trovata provides tools that enable you to better manage, visualize and analyze data. This enables you to make fast, precise and informed business decisions.

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Highly Interactive

Trovata is a powerful instrument for analyzing and communicating your company’s cash flows.
We make it easy to share cash flow data with senior leadership and major stakeholders through our reporting app for iPhone and iPad.

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Out of the Box Intelligence

Trovata aggregates your data from across your global banks and accounts.
This cash flow data can then be tagged by region, entity, or division. Trovata also translates all non-USD denominated amounts into USD equivalents.

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Make sense of bank data and trends

When your data is scattered across different accounts and banks it is difficult to see the big picture. By bringing all your cash flow data together in one platform you can easily see what strategies are working well, spot potential pitfalls and identify data trends.

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