Deciding Between a TMS, a Cash Flow Management Platform, and the Rest

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deciding between a tms a modern cash flow management platform and the rest1
Today, treasuries have more options to digitally transform than ever, thanks to innovations in financial technology like open banking and machine learning. While spreadsheets and treasury management systems (TMS) have been the status quo since the 80s, there’s now an alternative: a cash flow management platform.

In this guide, we’ll cover the differences between a TMS and a modern cash flow management platform as well as other alternatives so you can be confident and excited about the treasury management solution you ultimately adopt.

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check The pros and cons of choosing a TMS vs a cash flow management platform​
check How automating cash flow management can save your treasury up to 40 hours per month​
check The role of spreadsheets, ERPs, and bank portals in your treasury management toolkit ​
check Making the business case for adopting a cash flow management platform​