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Cash flow.

Trovata empowers finance professionals to steer their company with confidence. Manage your company’s cash flow like a pro with trend analysis and powerful forecasting models. Implementation is quick and easy, so you’ll be advising your stakeholders to make better decisions in no time.


100% visibility.

Trovata aggregates all your bank data, providing a single source of truth to analyze the cash components within your financial statements. Connect multiple banks to a single, integrated platform your entire team will love. With our API, you can leverage this ready-to-use bank data wherever else you need it, too.

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Cash insights.

Transaction flows like payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and more can be identified in seconds with Google-like transaction search. We make it simple to categorize transactions and uncover key insights within your data. Better analysis and visualization of your cash = better informed decision-making.

Cash reporting.

No more sifting through spreadsheet tabs to get a handle on your cash reporting. Trovata provides historic cash flow activity on a daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis in near real-time. Save reports for reference and even schedule email delivery so stakeholders gain critical knowledge in a timely manner.

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Made intelligent.

Use best-in-class machine learning and AI technology to forecast your company’s future cash position. Quickly identify historical datasets and assess the model’s predictions based on the most likely scenario. As time passes, you can leverage variance analysis to compare how the forecast matches up to actual values, and analyze the overall impact on your daily cash position. Forecasts can be created and viewed on a consolidated level, entity level, or both.

What our clients say
Trovata has greatly simplified our cash position reporting by eliminating the need to log into multiple banking portals. We have additionally gained tremendous insights into our cashflow and have enhanced our cash flow forecasting capabilities. Features like ‘Tags’ provide great efficiencies in our day to day operations.
Brent Taravella VP of Finance at Caruso


Explore the future of cash management.

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