Trovata’s Multibank Connector Integration for NetSuite

Integrate multi-bank transactions in NetSuite.

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Fully automate the upload of intraday bank data into NetSuite for matching and reconciliation with Trovata’s hybrid SuiteApp. Give your accounting teams hours back every week and reduce the risk of manual error, all without IT resources.

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Bank connectivity. Streamlined.

Trovata’s direct connections to 100+ enterprise banks and 2000+ business banks enable a daily feed of multibank data into NetSuite. Automate the posting of JEs to your G/L and accelerate the reconciliation processes.

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Transaction data. Normalized.

Trovata’s normalization collects data across different formats and unifies them into a single, cohesive model that can be used by NetSuite. By normalizing data formats across API, BAI, CAMT, and others, Trovata reduces the amount of manual work finance teams do to prepare bank data for NetSuite.

Cash operations. Cloud-scaled.

Trovata’s native cloud-based infrastructure offers finance teams real-time data access, increased security and compliance, and cost savings. With support for millions of transactions and global connectivity, Trovata is able to scale with your business as operations grow.

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In just a few clicks.

Getting the Trovata Multibank Connecter up-and-running is quick and easy. All that is needed is a one-time self service implementation that can be done in 30 minutes. Our integration scales as accounts are opened and closed, so no need to worry about maintenance or upkeep. The best part: our NetSuite plug-in is free to use for Trovata users that have a bank connected.

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