Solutions for CFOs

Act on real-time insights. Drive business growth.

Unlock the power of streamlined operations with Trovata’s multibank connectivity. From optimizing cash to gaining real-time insights, Trovata empowers CFOs to make informed decisions that drive business growth.


Get global cash visibility.

Access automatically aggregated multibank data in one place. View customizable dashboards and reports that can be shared in seconds.

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Unify data across teams.

Establish a single source of truth for multibank data across your teams. Enable collaboration and alignment between finance, operations, and key stakeholders.


Plan for the future.

Be proactive instead of reactive when it comes to cash flow. Use accurate historicals paired with machine learning as a fortified foundation for forecasting.

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Capitalize on excess liquidity.

Trovata gives you the visibility needed to spot cash you could be investing. Instead of holding large cash balances, generate returns on your excess cash.

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Integrate your financial ecosystem.

Seamlessly connect your systems for liquidity management, investing, ERPs, and accounting.

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Bank Integrations

Trovata leads globally with direct connections to 50+ enterprise banks and 2000+ business banks, helping you manage all your cash within a single, integrated, platform.

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Deutsche Bank

SOC2. Secure.

We prioritize the security and privacy of our clients’ data. Along with our SOC2 certification, we also provide clients with data control and visibility across all their teams. Ensure the right team members have secure access to what they need.

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What our clients say
Whether I’m in a conversation with our ownership group, banking partners, customers or vendors, it’s clear that owning the cash narrative for our business ultimately settles with me.”
aurelia Aurelia Sirbu CFO at Orbus


Explore the future of cash management.

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Trovata Platform Data Sheet

Dive into the Trovata Platform Data Sheet to learn how Trovata delivers data-rich, real-time insights into your company’s cash flow, empowering your team to make better and quicker business decisions backed with trusted data.

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