Solutions for Treasury​

Cash visibility.

Trovata empowers treasury professionals to see cash from all of their banks in a single, integrated platform. Gain 100% visibility of cash daily across all accounts. Better understand liquidity to make the most out of excess cash. Aggregate, search, tag, analyze, forecast, and report; we’ve got everything you need to make smarter, faster decisions.


One login.
All bank accounts.

Connect Trovata directly with your banks to gain a 360° view of transaction and balance data across all accounts. One centralized login means improved visibility into cashflow direction and account balance movement. With a better grasp on liquidity, you’ll make more informed funding decisions.

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Transaction categorization. Automated.

Our enriched transactional metadata enables you to automate the categorization of bank transactions. Identify trends in customer receipts, vendor disbursements, and more. Once categorization rules are set up, future transactions that match existing rules will flow into your defined groupings.

Cash reporting & forecasting. Streamlined.

Dynamic transaction categorization, flexible filtering options, and patented machine learning algorithms are all built into the platform. Our tech enables you to quickly create reports and forecasts that help identify trends and drive great business decisions. Reports can be segmented by entity, region, division, currency, and more to ensure that data is organized and accessible to stakeholders.

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ACH, Wire, and Real-Time payments. Made easy.

Ready to stop paying fees on your payments to a third-party processor? Trovata Payments is natively integrated with the bank’s payment rails, passing payments directly from the bank to the beneficiary. Access detailed payment records that capture payment status, beneficiary instructions, approval workflow stages, and timestamped user actions that can be referenced at any time.

What our clients say
With Trovata, I am able to go in and make changes to our cash management processes on-the-fly. With other options in the market, I would have to submit a request that would take a number of days, sometimes weeks, for them to even get something into production. When we signed on, we were up and running in a day or two.
Tim DiLillo Director of Treasury at GoTo


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