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How IT Professionals are Benefiting from Trovata’s API Platform

IT Departments Are Driving Value to Their Business By Establishing
a Dedicated Financial Big Data Pipeline

All Your Financial Data Indexed In One Place

IT departments in growing companies can benefit from’s API Platform by leveraging ready-to-use bank data without any internal heavy lifting or upkeep.

Trovata’s API Platform offers a low-lift, low-cost solution that gives IT Professionals the best of both worlds: access to valuable, clean bank data without requiring the extensive use of internal IT resources.

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Trovata Can Help IT Professionals With:

Trovata’s API Platform provides storage of all your originating bank data in perpetuity, while offering data normalization and elasticity.

Trovata’s API Platform handles the heavy lifting of managing ever-changing bank integration requirements saving your thousands of dollars in yearly upkeep and management.

Trovata handles tough bank integrations and gets you up-and-running within a few weeks.

Join Other IT Professionals and Establish a Dedication Big Data Pipeline

Save time and resources by using Trovata’s API Platform. Preview the API capabilities today by requesting a demonstration of’s API Platform.