Cash Reporting

Clear visibility.
No gaps.

Trovata eliminates the visibility gap. With Trovata, you have a constant and clear line of sight over your cash flows at all times with our cash reporting software.

mobile views

Mobile cash insights

Trovata’s mobile app keeps financial stakeholders in the know while they’re on the go. Easily view your company’s financial positions and cash data with a single touch on a mobile device. Push notifications also alert you on account balance thresholds.

Group and Search Cash Flows by Functional Type
No matter how you divvy up your cash flows, Trovata makes it easy to find and group them. Through the use of a Google-like, natural language search tool, you can easily find and tag key venders, customers or partners.
Cash Flow Trends
Manual historical data analysis is a mess of spreadsheets and data entries. However, with Trovata your historical data is automatically collected and neatly filed. Your cash data is stored in perpetuity and can be easily accessed using Trovata's tags and natural language search tools.
Real Time Cash Positions
Forget the endless logins and spreadsheets. With Trovata, you are only one login away from viewing your real-time cash position. Trovata automatically aggregates and normalizes data, updating your cash position in real-time. You can even have cash reports sent straight to your inbox.
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