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You just became the smartest person in the room.

Whether you’re the CFO or junior analyst, multibank cash management is now easier and accessible for everyone.

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“I’ve never seen finance and treasury get access to such an innovative tool. I’m blown away by its power and ability to intuit the ‘why’ behind my prompts. Thanks to Trovata AI, I no longer need to add headcount as my company scales. Manually crunching numbers is practically a thing of the past.

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Aurelia Sirbu    CFO at Orbus, LLC


What can I ask?


Accurate and private. Always.

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Your data is never shared with OpenAI.

When you ask Trovata AI a question, GPT-4 technology taps into Trovata’s native capabilities within your private Trovata environment. In seconds, it serves up the information you’re looking for.

Since Trovata aggregates, stores, and manages your bank data, the answers will always be accurate and private. 

Take Trovata AI for a spin - 

now available for all customers.

Analyze and run scenario planning.

Create a 13-week cash forecast in seconds, across multiple subsidiaries.


Make winning 
game-time decisions.

Our AI can give you hard-to-find answers instantly, when you need them most.

Add 10s of employees at the price of none.

Manually aggregating and analyzing bank data is now a thing of the past.

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Interpret data faster with AI-generated reports.

Ask for any kind of report, in any format.


There is no limit to the questions you can ask Trovata AI when it comes to your corporate cash position. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Show a year over year comparison in a table of my total ending cash balance each month for 2020 and 2021.
  • Can you give me a report of my daily spend in USD by currency for the last week?
  • Lets dig a little deeper, can you show me the daily historical exchange rates for all currencies for the last week?
  • Show me the 5 largest sources of revenue for the last month in a table.
  • Give me a report of our monthly cashflow for the last year and plot it.
  • I am trying to find the most cyclical transactions over the last 90 days, can you put them in a table for me?
  • Can you show me my average cash burn over the last 30 days plotted as a line graph?
  • Can you show me my cash allocations across all of my banks as a percentage of overall cash in a table?

Trovata AI uses the large language model capabilities of chatGPT to help infer the intent of your question and come up with an approach to answering it that can be described in a SQL statement. This SQL statement is then used by the powerful analytics capabilities of the Trovata platform to search for the answer to your question in your data privately. The resulting data is never transmitted to chatGPT or OpenAI in any way.

The mathematical computations that make up an answer to any question that you ask are being performed by the Trovata platform and can be trusted to be accurate using your data. The methodology that is being utilized to generate the answer, however, is being identified through the large language model capabilities of chatGPT and being translated into a machine readable SQL statement that can be used by our platform. If you are ever in doubt of the answer, you can always see the SQL that was being used to identify the answer to your question and if it is not the method you expected you can ask the question in a different way or ask the chat to modify the approach to calculating the answer.

You can read more in this article about Trovata AI or talk to our team today.

Navigate to Trovata AI within the home screen of your Trovata account, from the left side navigation menu and begin prompting your heart out. 


Explore the future of cash management.

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