Cash Positioning Tools

Excess Cash.

A powerful daily cashflow intelligence tool, Trovata’s cash positioning experience ensures your liquidity is put to good use. Leveraging real data, obtain a consolidated view of your live cash position and identify excess cash opportunities across all of your accounts. 

Intraday data. Automated.

Trovata continuously receives and normalizes your data so you don’t have to. See your cash position change in real-time as it accumulates intraday transactions throughout the day.

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Cash position changes. Detailed.

Edit stress-free. Version history captures all changes made to a cash position each day, highlighting changed areas. In comparison mode, understand what happened in a past version while making decisions in the live version.

Your accounts. Viewed your way.

Analyze your cash position from various perspectives on the fly. Create and save views by bank, entity, region, division and currency with the click of a button.

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Assumption management.
Made flexible.

Explore a proactive approach to your daily cash management by adding assumptions for cash activity that will occur later in the day.

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