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Modern cash management

The first global cash flow solution where cash is king.
For most companies, 75% of the work that goes into analyzing cash is rolling over “the Excel model” and compiling all the source data.
Automates work flows
Automates daily feeds for bank balances & transactions, A/R, A/P, and FX rates using APIs.
Save time
Trovata automates these workflows to leverage your time by 4x.
No implementation
Self-onboard and connect to banks, ERP systems, & external market data in minutes.

How much cash do we have?

Cash positions

Trovata is fintech for corporate treasury — contemporary enterprise tech built on emerging Open Banking platforms.
Bank data aggregation
Automates daily updates for all
balances and transactions across all
banks & all bank accounts.
Business intelligence
Enhanced transactions search and
interactive charting with built-in BI
for visualizing cash flows.
FX risk management
Identify foreign currency exposures
with daily rate feeds and translation

Corporate banking direct APIs

The first third-party solution powered by direct APIs with major financial institutions. Connect in minutes, not months.

Where is all our cash going?

Cash forecasting

Trovata is fintech for FP&A — where you can still use your spreadsheets, but Excel no longer has to be the system of record.
Automate workflows
Automates A/R & A/P agings, bank
transaction indexing, and cash flow types.
Rollover & stored
Automates daily rollover for 5-day,
13-wk, and 12-mo forecasts. No
more version control issues.
Tracks to targets/plan
Track to user-defined thresholds
and board-approved budgets /
operating plan objectives.

No implementation necessary

Pre-integrated with leading ERP systems and Excel. Connect in minutes. Self-implement in less than an hour.

How Does Trovata work for me?

Built for your business

Trovata is ideal for companies with $5M to $5B in revenue.
We had a profit of $250K last month, so why did our cash balance go down?
— Board of Directors
Trovata helps you explain all your cash flow timing differences.
If I can get my personal banking on my iPhone, why are we still downloading files from the bank and living in spreadsheets?
Trovata automates workflows to analyze cash flow — banks, ERP system, and syncs with your existing Excel models — to save you a ton of time.
Why would we spend $500k on a treasury workstation, when it will take 9 months to implement and more legacy than our ERP system?
— CF0
Trovata is natively built on emerging Open Banking APIs. You get (1) access to your banking data in minutes; (2) a contemporary interface with visualization & BI; and (3) pay no upfront fees.

Today, I had to make a business decision that had a direct implication on our working capital and cash outlook. I neither had the time nor my team's bandwidth at short notice to run a detailed scenario analysis and see its impact on cash over the next 3 months.

I used Trovata to quickly and automatically bucket my current A/R and A/P and leverage my planning model, which was synced automatically, and within minutes, I had a cash outlook that allowed me to effectively make a decision.

Trovata literally saved me hours today.

Madhu Jagannathan

VP Finance, ChefSteps

Simple, transparent pricing

Always know what you’ll pay

Trovata’s pricing scales with your business, so you’ll only pay for what you need, scaling up, or down, anytime.
20% discount for annual contract, billed upfront
Billed Monthly
$ 235
Base Price
Self-onboarding / 60 minutes
Automated data feeds
Cash forecast AI
Built-in BI / FX translation
Financial Institutions
Domestic & international
Credit Cards
Major providers
ERP / Acctg Systems & Excel
Major providers
Netsuite, Intacct, & QuickBooks Coming soon: Oracle & SAP
$ 45
Each Bank Connection
Connect to most domestic & many international financial institutions
Secure connections with one-time setup
Supports RSA SecurID, & soft tokens
$ 15
Each Bank Account
No limit on additional accounts; cloud storage
Operating, asset mgmt, ZBA/sweep, payroll, credit card, etc.
Daily updates for balances & transactions

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No implementation necessary. Connect to banks, ERP systems, and Excel in minutes. Self onboard in less than one hour.