Transaction Search & Tagging

Transaction metadata. 
At your fingertips.

Tap into your very own data lake of multibank transactions. Trovata’s advanced search experience provides recommendations as you type and allows you to precisely search over 20 supported metadata properties.

Trovata Query Language. Enabled.

We invented the most precise query language ever in a banking platform that is easy to understand and dare we say fun to use?

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Tagging Rules. Automated.

Work smarter, not harder with Trovata’s transaction tagging experience. Create precise searches that can be used to automatically tag your transactions with a cash flow category. Tagging rules are simple to manage and make all transaction activity and reporting comprehensive.

Advanced Search. Integrated.

Our new transaction search and tagging experience directly integrates and powers several areas of the product including, Analysis, Reports, Reconciliation Forecasting, and Workbooks. This reliable foundation, designed specifically around precision, flexibility, and automation is the most efficient vehicle to interact with your bank data, securely.

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