Money movement.

Trovata Payments empowers you to orchestrate money movement efficiently, initiating Real-time Payments (RTP), ACH, and wire transfers all in one platform. Eliminate third-party payment processors and drop the inefficient processes like logging into multiple bank portals.

US domestic payments can now be sent through J.P. Morgan, Wells Fargo, PNC, and Bank of America accounts using Trovata’s web and mobile platform. More supported banks for Trovata payments are coming soon.

payments dashboard view

Payment decisions.
Made better.

Don’t just initiate payments. With Trovata, be strategic with your cash outflow. Utilize the payment method with the lowest fees that allows you to better manage your cash flow.

Real-time Payments.
In seconds.

Take advantage of Real-time Payments (RTP) to send up to $1M with near-instant settlement, confirmation, and fund availability. RTP can be initiated and processed anytime, anywhere, empowering your organization to send secure payments in a moment’s notice.

real-time payment
payment details

Payments history and processes.

Track payments in a comprehensive dashboard with deep historical information such as account and beneficiary details, workflow processing, and payment history. Easily dig through your payment history with Google-like search that finds the right data from payments across connected accounts. Analyze payments by status and drill down into historical payments within a specific date range.

Workflows and approvals.

Increase transparency and manage your payments approval processes with automated workflows. Throughout payment lifecycles, administrators have the ability to set up custom rules and user roles to ensure teams are sending payments in accordance with treasury policies and internal controls. These workflows can be saved as templates and assigned to payment types, for compliance throughout every step of the payment process.

payments workflows
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