Case Study

How Cash Management Software Helped Emerald Expositions Put on a Show

Trovata automates cash reporting for better analysis

Emerald Expositions is a leading operator of B2B trade shows in the United States, producing more than 80 trade shows and conference events per year.

In order to free up time for strategic analysis, Emerald Expositions challenged Trovata to consolidate the data collection and cash reporting processes.

Using proprietary machine learning algorithms and direct API connections, Trovata automated manual cash reporting and Emerald Expositions’ data collection by creating a centralized cash data source.

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As a result, Trovata improved Emerald Expositions’ ability to:

“Trovata makes our bank data a rich source of insights” – Faheem Sorathia, Senior Accountant at Emerald Expositions 

Trovata’s features like AutoCast™ and Cash Flow Tags™ simplify and automate a company’s tedious cash management workflow, ultimately saving resources and minimizing error-prone manual work.