Case Study

How Trovata’s Cash Analysis Tech Helps Orbus Stand Out

Orbus Exhibit & Display Group is a market-leading multi-national group of brands that specialize in displays, exhibits, banner stands, and architectural signage.


Woodridge, IL


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saved annually relative to competitor system costs
of routine cash reporting automated
internal IT resources required


With multiple international subsidiaries and business lines to manage, Orbus CFO Aurelia Sirbu understands the impact that cash insights can have on her business.

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Whether I’m in a conversation with our ownership group, banking partners, customers or vendors, it’s clear that owning the cash narrative for our business ultimately settles with me.”
Aurelia Sirbu CFO at Orbus

Like many finance and accounting groups, Aurelia’s team relied on traditional manual methods of cash flow analysis, reporting, and forecasting.

Understanding cash trends and forecasts was a manual and tedious process for us. Just getting the data we would need from various systems was so complicated. Once we actually wrapped our hands around it, there really wasn’t time left to get meaningful insights from it.”

That all changed with the introduction of Trovata, a next generation cash management solution built natively on open-banking.


While Trovata also automates manual data gathering, normalization, and reporting / visualization for her finance and accounting staff, Orbus has found additional adopters of the solution.

The Trovata mobile app has become one of our CEO’s favorites. He can now get quick insights into cash trends and positions any time.”

Using Trovata, Sorathia’s team is able to create Tags™ for all cash flow types, fully automating their manual cash reporting process. The CFO now receives automatically generated reports in his inbox every morning, and can log into Trovata to see any additional details.

Connect quickly to get multi-bank visibility in real time

Automated cash flow insights and treasury reconciliations

Easily build and update cash forecasting

Seamless Onboarding
Trovata has APIs connected to the world’s largest banks. What does that mean? If you bank with JP Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo, or Bank of America, you can set up quickly, get real-time data in minutes, with zero time spent from your IT team. It’s a true, no hassle onboarding experience.

  1. Connect banks and accounts
  2. Configure to company requirements
  3. Automate reporting and forecasting workflows


  1. $50k saved annually relative to competitor system costs
  2. 100% of routine cash reporting automated
  3. 0 internal IT resources required
In a recent conversation with my banking partners, I was able to instantly determine our credit needs by analyzing historical cash trends for a subset of our accounts completely on the fly. It is amazing I was able to do that for a solution that was setup with no IT resources required whatsoever. I’m constantly impressed with how easy it is to use and gain insights from Trovata.”
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