Case Study

How Trovata's Cash Analysis Tech Helps Orbus Stand Out

Trovata automates cash reporting for better analysis

Orbus Exhibit & Display Group is a market-leading multi-national collection of brands specializing in displays, exhibits, banner stands, and architectural signage.

In order to quickly identify trends and gain a better understanding of their cash flow, Orbus challenged Trovata to provide easily accessible, high-quality cash insights on a single platform.

Using Artificial Intelligence and proprietary machine learning algorithms, Trovata leveraged Orbus’ historical transactions to identify cash flow trends and generate custom cash forecasts.

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orbus case study

As a result, Trovata improved Orbus' ability to:

“I’m constantly impressed with how easy it is to use and gain insights from Trovata.” – Aurelia Sirbu, CFO at Orbus

Trovata’s features like AutoCast™ and Cash Flow Tags™ simplify and automate a company’s tedious cash management workflow, ultimately saving resources and minimizing error-prone manual work.