The Trovata Onboarding Process – APIs Connect Your Bank Data Quickly

Written by Gregory
January 23, 2023

As the economy wanes, hiring slows, and budgets grow smaller, companies are looking for ways to boost automation and take advantage of new technologies to gain insights into their businesses. We’ve all struggled through year-long software implementation processes that involved hours of meetings, unreturned phone calls, and stunted progress.  

Why does enterprise software implementation have to be so challenging? Why isn’t software implementation in a technologically advanced world as sleek and efficient as the solutions they provide?  

As a Trovata Client Success Manager and former accountant, I am glad to say we’re changing the status quo as far as treasury technology is concerned.

In this article, I’ll highlight some of the benefits of our cutting-edge technology and implementation program. Depending on your business and banking partner, you could get set up in just days or weeks. 

A Better Approach to Treasury Management Implementation

At Trovata, we have a tried-and-true approach to software implementation that involves leaning on modern technologies and real, human communication to onboard clients in a way that provides ongoing support, resulting in lasting relationships. 

“Some people may look at onboarding as a ‘one and done’ process, but the Trovata relationship is just that – a relationship.”

– James Krikorian, VP & Treasurer, Krispy Kreme

Our enterprise implementation program ensures you’ll never have to scramble for a report again. Through a kick-off meeting and informal training sessions, we’ll get your data sources connected and ensure you obtain rich insights via automated features like reports and cash forecasts.

Our Client Success team is comprised of individuals with various finance and accounting backgrounds so our customers can be assured they’re talking to people who understand their day-to-day priorities and struggles.  

As Sir Richard Branson once articulated, “The key is to set realistic customer expectations and then not to just meet them, but to exceed them – preferably in unexpected and helpful ways.” 

Welcome to a tech company where client outcomes are prioritized above all else, and the aim is to exceed client expectations.

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API Technology Reduces the Time it Takes to Connect Your Bank Data

Why log in to multiple bank portals and download spreadsheets worth of data when you can aggregate and then report on all your bank data in one place? That is the beauty of Application Programming Interfaces or APIs. Banks have started to utilize API technologies that provide near-instant data flow between banks and software like Trovata.  

API technologies can help you gain better visibility into your company’s cash positions, bank account balances, and transactional data with unprecedented speed. Insights into your bank data can help you create automated reports, reconciliations, and machine learning leveraged forecasts.  

With our extensive library of open banking APIs, your company doesn’t have to endure a long, tedious onboarding process. 

Instead, you can take advantage of Trovata’s numerous bank relationships with many of the most prolific banks in the world in order to establish live bank connections in less time.

While your implementation timeline depends on your bank connections, through Plaid and/or Trovata’s bank API connections, you can get up and running in a matter of minutes to mere weeks – with no internal IT support required.

To put timelines in perspective, at the enterprise level, it takes six months of deployment to implement the leading TMS solution. On average, it takes 9+ months across all the TMS solutions on the market.

tms implementation timeline vs trovata
Timeline for Enterprise Implementation of Trovata vs a Legacy TMS

With Trovata, you can obtain visibility across all your accounts and begin managing cash like a pro in less than seven weeks:

Financial InstitutionEstimated Onboarding Time
Bank of America3.5 weeks
HSBC5.5 weeks
PNC2.5 weeks
Silicon Valley Bank 1 day
Estimated onboarding time in Trovata for enterprise bank connections

4 Ways Trovata’s Client Onboarding Process Sets You Up for Success

Customizable Training Sessions

To save even more time for our new enterprise clients, we provide a minimum of four comprehensive training sessions during the onboarding process so that new users can learn to adequately navigate the software. 

Since live bank connections at the enterprise level can take a few weeks to establish, we usually start the first couple of trainings with historical transactional data provided by the client. This way, we can train with relevant data points to build out some of the automated features within the software. 

This process helps clients build out their own custom data analysis tools while simultaneously making progress on their enterprise bank connections.  

The four trainings focus on the most foundational tools within the software and then advance into more complex modules over time. However, our training content is customizable and clients can set their own pace, focusing in greater detail on some areas over others.

Real-Time Communication 

Outside of the structured training environment, the Client Success team utilizes a chat integration inside Trovata to readily communicate with clients in just a few minutes. 

We believe that there is immense value in clients being able to talk to a real person behind the screen.

Our Client Success team is present to ensure that clients’ requests are heard and to support them every step along the way. 

The chat integration also includes helpful best-practice tips, instructional videos, and instructional articles for quick access to helpful answers. 

Reporting and Forecasting Assistance 

On an ad-hoc basis, the Client Success team can help clients with their specific product needs like building certain reports or forecasts.

Our Client Success team works closely with the Implementation team to help customers connect their ERP or third-party software as well.  

Ongoing Support and Continuous Improvement

In addition to product training and integration assistance, clients can provide feedback at any time to help Trovata prioritize new features and improve the customer service experience. 

On top of receiving support from the Client Success team, our clients can also schedule regular check-in meetings with their dedicated account representative.

“Overall, it’s about the relationship. The people are what make the difference. This is about building something for the longer term. What I have in Trovata is trust in investing my time, so that in three to five years, we’re mutually reaping the rewards of what we’ve built together.” 

– James Krikorian, VP & Treasurer, Krispy Kreme

Manage Your Treasury and Bank Data Needs with a Supportive Partner in Trovata

Trovata’s Client Success team’s emphasis on customer outcomes provides an advantage to clients looking for ways to get ahead without adding headcount. Leveraging new technologies, like APIs, leads to observable data analysis improvements like intraday bank account balance data that give companies a competitive advantage over legacy treasury tools that are stuck using old, clunky software and data transfer techniques.

To emphasize Richard Branson’s quote, we hope to serve you and exceed your expectations in helpful ways!

Gain richer insights into your cash flow in weeks, not months, with Trovata.

Curious to see Trovata in action? Book a demo today!

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