Trovata and PNC Provide Integrated Payment Processing Experience for Corporate and Commercial Businesses

Written by Kalei White
June 27, 2023

Is your organization a PNC client? If so, we have some exciting news!

We’re thrilled to announce that all PNC corporate and business clients will now have access to Trovata’s API-based payment processing

What this means is that, within Trovata’s web and mobile platforms, PNC clients can send payments via ACH, wire, and RTP, using PNC Bank’s own APIs, without the help of IT. 

Why Should PNC Clients Use Trovata’s API-based Payment Experience?

With our new payments experience, you have the ability to:

  • Eliminate the need for a third-party payment processor
  • Initiate and schedule payments sooner, automate reconciliation, and with real-time payments (RTP), settle instantly. 
  • Govern payment execution according to your company’s signature authority matrix, treasury policy, and internal controls. 
  • Create and administer payment templates and workflows for approval, tracking, and logging. 
  • Send bulk payments without incurring fees, and since each payment processes individually, simplify the reconciliation process

How to Get Started?

If you are a Trovata user: This offering is already available within your Trovata account, which you can access via the web or mobile app, as well as our expanding API developer portal. 

If you’re new to Trovata: You can book a demo or get started with a free account today and connect to your PNC Bank account(s) via our open banking APIs.

About Trovata

Our cash management platform provides forward-thinking finance teams the ability to take full control of their multi-bank data with a single source of truth. 

Leveraging open banking APIs, a cloud bank data lake, and machine learning technology, Trovata empowers companies like Etsy and Block to analyze, report, forecast, and move money like a pro.

We’ve partnered with many of the world’s largest financial institutions, like PNC Bank, to digitally transform commercial and corporate banking with our growing network of direct API integrations.

“We understand that businesses’ treasury needs have evolved, which is why we remain committed to making strategic technology investments to solve complex business needs and create seamless integrations with our treasury platform. Our expanded relationship with Trovata is further proof of this commitment, as this integrated payment experience will support our clients’ desire to increase automation and optimize their payments processes.”

– Howard Forman, Senior Vice President and Head of Digital Channels for PNC Treasury Management

Sending Payments Has Never Been Easier

With this expanded relationship, we’re excited to help PNC Bank clients automate their payments workflows and further narrow the gap between the world of tech and banking. 

“Trovata continues to prove that fintech innovation can be about building great user experiences that complement a bank’s core services,” said Trovata Founder and CEO, Brett Turner. 

Ready to upgrade the way your finance team manages and sends payments? Feel free to schedule a personalized demo with our team today! 

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