Trovata Update: NetSuite Multibank Connector

Written by Kalei White
July 19, 2023

Spending hours downloading, formatting and uploading transaction data from multiple bank portals into NetSuite? Announcing Trovata’s new Netsuite Multibank Connector, which fully automates the upload of your prior-day bank data, saving accounting and finance teams several hours every week.

Unlock total visibility into your banking transactions data for matching and reconciliation while also accelerating your business automation agenda through a fully scaled solution – no IT required.

Connecting Your Multi-Bank Data to NetSuite Has Never Been Easier

Within Netsuite, there are bank reconciliation capabilities already built in.

However, uploading transactions necessary to match GL items is not automated. We knew there must be a better way.

The Normal Way

Typically, to deal with this lack of automation mentioned above, teams can do one of three things:

  • Use a platform like BlackLine to automate matching and reconciliation with AI/ML
  • Perform this process by hand, potentially through contractors, pulling files individually from each bank portal and uploading them to Netsuite
  • Enlist several IT resources to create a complex API connection project directly from your banks to your NetSuite instance 

Since none of these options were free, fast, or easy, we built our NetSuite Connector.

The New Way – NetSuite Multibank Connector

With this new plugin for Trovata and NetSuite users, you can seamlessly connect your multibank transaction data into NetSuite natively from Trovata.

The NetSuite Multibank Connector plugin also enables you to automatically import transaction data daily as new data comes in from your banks.


Trovata integrates directly with corporate bank APIs allowing for the secure and real-time transfer of banking transactions data.

In addition, Trovata supports the ingestion of enhanced data provided by corporate banking APIs allowing for rich data insights to be extracted to help automate the matching process.

Main Benefits

With Trovata’s Multibank Connector, you can:

  • Free up time your accounting team’s time by automating the upload of bank transactions into NetSuite without IT resources or the need for third-party tools
  • Leverage Netsuite’s rule automation to save time matching transactions to journal entries at an account level.
  • Reduce manual work to prepare bank data for NetSuite with automatic normalization across formats like API, BAI, CAMT, and more into a common format
  • Take advantage of Trovata’s cloud-based infrastructure that scales as your organization and cash operations grow

Bottom Line?

Trovata’s NetSuite Connector is a SuiteApp that will allow you to take advantage of an automated process for importing bank transactions directly into Netsuite across all of your bank providers in a common format, regardless of which banks you work with.

How Do You Enable the NetSuite Multibank Connector?

In order to use this plugin to connect your bank data into NetSuite with Trovata, all you have to do is download the Trovata SuiteApp here. Then, enter your ApplicationID credentials that you can get from Trovata into your NetSuite settings.

This one-time, self-service implementation should take no more than 30 minutes to complete, assuming all prerequisites are in place. Our integration scales as accounts are opened and closed, so there is no need to worry about maintenance or upkeep.

Get Started Today – Free for Trovata Customers

Ready to revolutionize the way you manage your accounting processes? Our Netsuite plug-in is free to use for Trovata users that have a bank connected.

Learn more about how we work with Netsuite here or schedule a meeting with our team to get started.

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