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Bridging the Data Gap: How Modern Treasurers Can Master Multi-Bank Connectivity

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A modern business with integrated bank connectivity can move as fast as a customer clicking a buy button. By gaining a complete overview of bank data, and plugging it into the right systems, enterprises gain the insights needed to be financially nimble. However, addressing the gaps between “the data you have” and “the most current data” is an ongoing challenge that keeps today’s treasurers up at night. That’s why bridging these gaps are crucial to driving efficiencies, enhancing liquidity management, and driving organizational growth.

In this webinar, we’ll deep dive into the top challenges treasurers face with multi-bank connectivity and how to overcome them. Unlock tech solutions that automate and centralize bank data to ensure accuracy and gain real-time insights.

In this session:

check Learn how to automate data aggregation and consolidate information from all your bank accounts through an API-first strategy
check Discover modern treasury tech that enables real-time cash flow visibility for improved decision-making
check Unlock steps to ensure data accuracy and consistency for better financial reporting and forecasting
check Learn how APIs integrate with ERP systems to streamline collaboration


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Reggie Baker
Sales Director Trovata​

Reggie Baker has nearly a decade’s experience consulting with Enterprises, SMBs, and Public entities in various capacities (AI/ML, Cloud MP GTM, etc.). He joined Trovata in July of 2023 as a Sales Director. As a Sales Director, Reggie is responsible for helping Trovata customers build and navigate roadmaps to attain their unique objectives. Reggie lives in Los Angeles, CA and outside of work, loves to spend time with family and friends.