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Driving Digital Transformation: How Treasurers Can Evolve from Operations to Strategy

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Given volatile market forces in recent years, treasury professionals have increasingly been expected to be strategic partners to the CFO. Treasurers are now tasked with enhancing liquidity risk management, driving working capital improvements, and improving governance over domestic and overseas operations. And, they’re expected to do all of this with speed in mind! Meeting such lofty expectations often proves challenging due to a lack of cash visibility, technological capabilities, and inadequate treasury infrastructure.

This disconnect creates an urgent need for digital transformation in treasury functions. But, how do you transition from traditional systems and easily implement truly transformative tech? Join us on March 27 to learn how to navigate your company’s digital transformation journey and position your treasury department for success amidst evolving expectations. 

In this session:

check Learn how to improve cash visibility, automate repetitive processes, and increase accuracy in reporting and forecasting
check See real-world applications for APIs, AI, and machine learning in automating treasury operations
check Explore essential features of modern treasury tech, how they compare to legacy systems, and get actionable steps to drive change in your organization


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Daniel Klevit
Sales Director, Trovata​

Daniel Klevit, Sales Director, was among the first 30 employees to join Trovata over 3 years ago. He spends most days speaking with prospective and current clients, bankers, and Trovata partners. His goal is to help clients succeed, build long-term relationships, and have a little fun along the way. A Southern California native, Daniel now calls Brooklyn home. Outside of work, he enjoys time with family and friends, staying active, traveling, music, and finding new ways to help his clients crush it!