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Break the Excel Chains: The Magic of API-based Treasury Tech

If you’ve ever stared down an Excel sheet filled with thousands of transactions and felt overwhelmed, you’re not alone. Spreadsheets have long been the center of the finance team’s world, a struggle many treasury professionals are all too familiar with. In this episode, JD chats with McKenzie Knudson, Senior Treasury Analyst at Sealaska, about her team’s transition from spreadsheets to the almost magical experience of API-based treasury tech, and how it helped to centralize data, streamline reporting, and foster collaboration.

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Episode Highlights

  • What are the limitations of spreadsheets for treasury functions?
  • The ease of transitioning to and implementing APIs.
  • How tagging streamlines queries and makes reporting more efficient.
  • The potential of AI to further evolve treasury operations.


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Show Notes / Resources

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About Fintech Corner

A podcast for fintech lovers that starts conversations between bankers, financial technology innovators, and their clients to evolve finance and treasury for the 21st century. For decades, there has been a gap between the technology that banks can offer and what corporate clients need for modern cash flow management and analysis. We’ll cover emerging trends to help bridge this gap, technologies that can reshape the roles of treasury & finance, and the in’s and out’s of API bank connections & open banking.

Hosts / Guest Speakers

McKenzie Knudson
Senior Treasury Analyst, Sealaska Corporation

McKenzie, a Senior Treasury Analyst at Sealaska Corporation, holds a CPA and CTP designation, backed by a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse with majors in Accountancy and Finance, along with a minor in Economics. With a strong foundation in accounting, McKenzie brings a valuable accounting perspective to her role in treasury.
In her current position at Sealaska, McKenzie actively collaborates with finance teams across the organization, seeking to understand their existing cash resource management practices. Her central objective is to establish a unified treasury framework.

Joseph Drambarean
CPO & CTO, Trovata

Joseph Drambarean is the Chief Product Officer as well as Chief Technology Officer at Trovata. Joseph is one of the founding members of the company and the first engineer. Before Trovata, he worked with companies like Capital One where he was at the forefront of digital transformation, leading product management as head of the innovation labs and mobile banking teams. Joseph is driving innovation around rapid deployment and customer onboarding, bank-grade security, and machine learning at Trovata, creating a more consumerized user experience for customers from small businesses to enterprises.