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We Built a ChatGPT for Treasury and Finance

At Trovata, we asked ourselves, “What if, instead of the end user having to be an expert in how to use Trovata and all of our tools like reporting, forecasting, and tagging, ChatGPT could do it instead? What if it became the expert in our platform?” And so, Trovata AI was born. Listen to this episode to hear all about the Trovata AI assistant for treasury and finance teams, which is currently in beta for our customers. Brett and JD deep dive on how our tool helps you to avoid garbage-in, garbage out and leverage this powerful technology. 

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Episode Highlights

  • The major problem that’s been plaguing treasury and how AI can bridge the gap
  • What would an AI assistant look like for finance teams and how can it help?
  • How Trovata ensures its generative AI will give you accurate information that you can actually use, while remaining secure and private
  • Watch the product walkthrough here


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Show Notes / Resources

Read the full transcript.

Read the article, “Trovata Launches First Generative AI Assistant for Finance and Treasury

Learn more about Trovata at https://trovata.io.

Try Trovata’s automated forecasting 10% off every month for one year using coupon code: FC10

About Fintech Corner

A podcast for fintech lovers that starts conversations between bankers, financial technology innovators, and their clients to evolve finance and treasury for the 21st century. For decades, there has been a gap between the technology that banks can offer and what corporate clients need for modern cash flow management and analysis. We’ll cover emerging trends to help bridge this gap, technologies that can reshape the roles of treasury & finance, and the in’s and out’s of API bank connections & open banking.

Hosts / Guest Speakers

Brett Turner
Founder & CEO, Trovata

After starting his career as a CPA with the Deloitte audit practice, Brett gained progressive experience in corporate finance and accounting managing SEC reporting for Amazon and then becoming VP of Finance for Worldwide Packets (sold for $300M+ in 2008). Across his last three roles as a startup Co-Founder / CFO, Brett has raised over $100M in equity and venture debt financing while helping create over $500M in shareholder value. Today, he is the founder and CEO of the cash management platform, Trovata. Brett is a Seattle native, with a BA in Finance from Seattle Pacific University.

Joseph Drambarean
CPO, Trovata

Joseph Drambarean is the Chief Product Officer as well as CTO at Trovata. Joseph is one of the founding members of the company and the first engineer. Before Trovata he worked with companies like Capital One where he was at the forefront of digital transformation, leading product management as head of the innovation labs and mobile banking teams. Joseph is driving innovation around rapid deployment and customer onboarding, bank-grade security, and machine learning at Trovata, creating a more consumerized user experience for customers from small businesses to enterprises.