A Treasurer’s End-of-Year Checklist

Written by Trovata Team
December 17, 2019


The end of the year is near, and in the world of Treasury, that means audits, annual reports, and budget planning for the new year!

Hold the eggnog…because your December will be packed with fun Treasury-themed festivities.

Alright, we get it. Even with such a fun-packed career like Treasury, sometimes you just feel like taking a step back and enjoying the sun…or snow. Worry no longer, fellow Treasurers! We have compiled a Treasurer’s End of Year Checklist with all your end-of-year activities.

With this handy list, you can stay on top of your end-of-year activities and sit back and enjoy your eggnog this year.

treasurers end of year checklist

Step 1:

Review outstanding receivables. It is important to evaluate potential bad debt, determine if accounts need to be written off, and decide if an allowance for bad debt needs to be set up.

Step 2:

Double check that everything is reconciled, review all incoming and outgoing fund flows to ensure they reconcile back to your GL and everything is coded appropriately.

Step 3:

Look over the end-of-year financial statements and document any unusual items. It is crucial to provide your notes to the auditor and include them in your year-end Treasurer’s report.

Step 4:

Finalize your budget for the new year and ensure it is fully approved by upper management.

Step 5:

With a new year, comes new tools. Make sure to evaluate new tools, like cash management automation software, before the year-end and include them in your 2020 budget plan.

There you have it, Treasurers! Your end-of-year checklist all in one place.

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