Unlock 4 Benefits of Open Banking APIs

Written by Keegan Chamberlin
June 8, 2022

In this article, we’ll discuss how you can capture the benefits of open banking and harness the technology of automated cash management platforms to support continued growth throughout your entire business.

What Is Open Banking?

Open banking enables banks to transfer data to clients directly and securely. So instead of normalizing bank data manually, your organization can gain near real-time cash balance, transactions, and payment tracking in one platform. This improves security and performance but also unlocks automation opportunities and an entirely new, intuitive digital experience for users and developers. 

“Open banking, and Open Finance is making its way from consumer and small business into mid-market and enterprise. Trovata is helping bridge the gap as a tech platform for their clients that goes beyond what traditional online banking portals provide.”

– Logan Allin, Managing Partner and Founder of Fin Capital

The Benefits of Open Banking

Automate Multi-Bank Data In a Unified, Categorized Format

Automation is necessary as your business grows; naturally, the number of bank accounts and transactions grows alongside the company. When the amount of data needing to be processed is hindering your team from performing meaningful analysis, it’s time to consider establishing a baseline of automation. Financial institutions have realized this in the past few years, which has led to the creation of open banking API connections. These banking API connections have empowered clients to gain instant access to multi-banking aggregation.

In partnership with an automated cash management platform, like Trovata, corporate and open banking APIs connect directly to your bank partners to provide multi-bank data in a normalized format. This technology revolutionizes cash management and treasury operations by providing treasurers a single source of truth for cash balances, transactions, and rich metadata across all their key bank accounts.

Gain Global Visibility Into Your Cash Flow

Open Banking APIs are not utilized only regionally, as financial institutions are adopting them globally. Trovata, our automated cash management platform, continues to help companies unlock the power of Open Banking across geographies.

With over 2,000+ open banking API connections, Trovata enables you to gain a unified view of your cash flow across the United Kingdom, European Union, United States, Australia, Singapore, and Japan. No matter the geographical boundaries, your organization has the same access to data anytime, anywhere.

Power Bulk and Real-Time Payments

Open banking doesn’t just unify your cash flow; it can also transform corporate payments with APIs. Trovata’s account-to-account payments functionality allows you to initiate and receive payments directly from your bank through open banking APIs without extra third-party intermediary fees.

It’s as simple as connecting your chosen bank portal through checkout, and Trovata’s extensive library of open banking APIs sends the payment details directly between banks.

And by providing banks and TPPs with the unique ability to easily reconcile transactions and initiate refunds automatically, you can focus on building your business while Trovata takes care of the rest.

Reduce Costs and Risk With Access To Powerful Insights

Trovata’s extensive library of open banking APIs collects and normalizes all your bank data into a Multi-Bank Data Lake™, which perpetually stores your bank data. Machine learning algorithms analyze your bank data and distribute it throughout your different reports and forecasts. This strengthens your cash forecasts generated within Trovata, but it also empowers you to perform accurate variance analysis and scenario planning. As a result, you can reduce costs and risks associated with certain investments and decisions before making the final call. 

Open Banking APIs are the Future of Corporate Cash Management

Since its market launch nearly three years ago, Trovata has become the fastest-growing treasury platform in the US, with hundreds of mid-market & enterprise customers managing over $100 billion in cash and over 50 million bank transactions.

The platform delivers a truly modern user experience for finance and treasury professionals, and developers building custom applications. In addition, the Trovata experience is fully integrated with corporate banking APIs for multi-bank data aggregation, cash visibility, analysis, forecasting, and payments with no internal IT resources required.

Ready to take an API-first approach to cash management? Speak with a Trovata expert – book a demo today.

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