Top 3 Ways the Relationship Between Capital One and Trovata Can Enhance Your Organization’s Cash Management

Written by Keegan Chamberlin
January 28, 2022

On January 27th, we announced our distribution relationship with Capital One. Now, Capital One will offer Trovata’s cash management platform to new and existing commercial clients. Through this relationship, Capital One will work closely with Trovata, to provide clients increased visibility and insights into multi-bank account balances. Clients of Capital One and Trovata will benefit greatly from this collaboration immensely as we work together to understand clients’ business needs and help clients accomplish their financial goals.

Phil Beck, Head of Treasury Management for Capital One, had this to say regarding how this collaboration will enhance clients’ cash management experience: “Many of our clients are looking for a better, faster and more interactive system of record for managing cash. Trovata is helping us take a major leap forward in providing data-driven workflow automation to support our clients’ digital transformation journeys.”

The collaboration between Capital One and Trovata will help enhance your cash management experience by:

  1. Aggregating your multi-bank account balances and historical cash flows in one platform
  2. Automating and streamlining cash reporting and forecasting
  3. Reducing manual reconciliation with natural search and tagging functionality across all transaction data

Enhanced Cash Visibility with Multi-Bank Aggregation

Capital One and Trovata’s file connectivity will help empower your organization to automate the aggregation of your bank data across global accounts. Trovata collects your normalized bank data into a Multi-Bank Data Lake™, giving you access to current and historical cash flows, along with powerful projects that help automate cash forecasting. By automating cash and transaction consolidation, your organization can gain access to the current, up-to-date cash data and insights.

Automated and Streamlined Cash Reporting and Forecasting

Trovata doesn’t just collect your bank data from Capital One and other institutions, it analyzes it to provide a comprehensive, automated suite of cash reports and forecasts. Within this suite, your organization has access to dynamic cash reports and forecasts, such as:

  • Aggregated cash balances and flow reports across numerous institutions and accounts
  • Proprietary machine learning cash flow forecasting models
  • Advanced scenario modeling and planning with enhanced user-defined growth rates and variables
  • And much more! 

These reports and forecasts can be quickly generated and grouped into customizable dashboards, amplifying your ability to discover new growth opportunities and back them up with data-driven reports and insights. 

Reduced Manual Reconciliation with Natural Search and Tagging Functionality

By aggregating your transactions through open banking APIs or files, and pairing that technology with machine learning, Trovata provides your organization with dynamic, user search queries. Gone are the days of exporting thousands of transactions to spreadsheets and manually sifting through them. Just like you would type a keyword in a search engine, the Search API displays high-volume, fully paginated transactions in less than 300ms. These search results can be saved as tags, which can be leveraged for any future cash reporting, forecasting, analysis, and reconciliation efforts.

Gain Global Cash Visibility Across Your Capital One and Other Global Accounts with Trovata

Trovata is proud to equip Capital One’s commercial clients with the tools necessary to achieve global visibility across many of the world’s largest financial institutions, so, as a Capital One client, you can manage your cash seamlessly and with ease.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Capital One and bring the Trovata experience to its clients and the treasury teams that serve them.” said Brett Turner, Founder & CEO for Trovata. “Cash management is all about real-time intelligence and automation. The opportunity to help drive digital transformation for the bank is tremendous.” This announcement reinforces the historically strong relationship between Trovata and Capital One. Two years ago, Capital One Ventures made a strategic investment in Trovata, recognizing its unique ability to empower businesses with technology for multi-bank reporting and cash forecasting

Learn how you can achieve real-time intelligence and automation across your global bank accounts with Trovata by reading our latest press release on our relationship with Capital One. Through this relationship- both Trovata and Capital One are dedicated to helping you bridge the gap between banks and account systems, and automating your cash reporting and forecasting, so you can focus on strategic analysis that facilitates better and quicker business decisions. Speak to one of our automated cash management experts to learn more.

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