AFP, NAFES, and Sage Transform 2021 Events Recap

Written by Keegan Chamberlin
November 24, 2021

This November, the team at Trovata was fortunate to travel to multiple events for the first time since the pandemic. We had a fantastic time meeting with prospects, clients, and potential bank partners as well as speaking about how we are innovating cash management as we know it to help organizations make more accurate, data-driven decisions. Even if you couldn’t make it, we want to ensure you were included on the major happenings and announcements that occurred during NAFES, AFP, and Sage Transform 2021!

NAFES 2021

We were honored to attend the North American Finance Executive Summit as the leader in connecting organizations’ global banks with APIs. In fact, our founder and CEO, Brett Turner, had the privilege to speak on the paradigm shift occurring within cash operations due to the rise of modern tech and API technology. 

nafes 2021

Trovata’s API Bank Connector™ is empowering Trovata users to connect their platform directly to their major bank portals in order to unify cash transactions from every bank and every account, thus providing them access to the richest and most up-to-date view of their bank data. Pairing this API technology with a cloud platform with amazing UX makes it easier than ever to perform Google-like natural language searches and explore automated cash reports and forecasts. 

Schedule a personalized Trovata demo today to discover how Trovata can help you gain powerful insights into your organization’s cash flows by automating your cash reporting, forecasting, and analysis in weeks with no IT required.

AFP 2021

From November 7th through 10th, we had the opportunity to travel to the US capital for the AFP 2021 conference, which is the largest annual networking conference worldwide for more than 7,000 corporate financial professionals. At the event, we had the chance to speak with some of our major bank partners, like JP Morgan, Wells Fargo, and more, on how we can continue to expand upon our API connections and offer more services to them and our clients. As well, we were able to talk to many new potential bank partners about how we can connect to their bank platforms to offer new Direct-to-Bank APIs to prospects and clients in the future. Stay tuned in 2022 for new innovative features and expanded API bank connections!

We also had a great time speaking with potential prospects about their cash management challenges, providing feedback on how Trovata can help them automate their cash reporting, forecasting, and analysis, and handing out exciting swag like Trovata-Branded longboards, sports towels, and more! In fact, by just saying hello at our booth, a partner of ours at JP Morgan was able to outfit her sons’ hockey team with our towels! 


If you missed out on getting some of our exciting swag this year, it certainly won’t be the last chance! Stay tuned on our social media channels into 2022 to discover which events we’ll be at next!

SAGE Transform 2021

sage transform 2021

At Sage Transform, we were honored to announce our integration with Sage Banking Service. The Trovata’s API Bank Connector™ connects directly to your major bank accounts, consolidates and normalizes this data, and then feeds it directly to your Sage products using Sage Banking Service, a global platform that integrates with banks and bank aggregators, keeping accounts up to date and reconciled with transactions in customers’ bank accounts. This gives Sage customers, who use a solution such as Sage Intacct, the ability to easily connect to their corporate banking portals – including J.P. Morgan Access, Wells Fargo CEO, and Bank of America CashPro – using Trovata’s cash management platform. They can automate the transfer of daily bank transactions into their accounting system swiftly and accurately.

With no more messy and repetitive wrangling of bank data, your treasury, accounting, and finance teams can focus on strategic objectives that propel your business forward. You can trust your Sage Accounting solution has the most up-to-date cash insights and transactions making it easier to find your bank transactions all-in-one platform and to simplify your bank reconciliation process. 

Discover how you can modernize your bank reconciliation and cash management with Trovata’s API Bank Connector™ by reading Sage and our’s joint press release. 

Establish a Single Source of Truth for Your Transaction and Cash Data Across All Bank Accounts with Trovata

You can still take advantage of Trovata’s open banking API and machine learning technology even if you weren’t able to attend NAFES, AFP, or Sage Transform. 

Schedule your own personalized Trovata demo today to discover how you can eliminate tedious manual workflows and automate the consolidation and normalization of your transaction and bank data across your global bank accounts. And keep an eye on our social media into 2022 to learn about what events you can visit us at next year!

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