Corporate Controllers – 8 Great Reads

Written by Trovata Team
November 29, 2019

Thanksgiving weekend is right around the corner and in corporate America, that usually means that you will receive a longer-than-usual weekend. If you are truly lucky, you will also get to leave work a little earlier on Wednesday, making your weekend extra-extra long.

Besides the usual activities that accompany this holiday (making the stuffing, wrangling relatives, staying sane), you may also experience some relaxing “down-time” for yourself. Worry not, controllers. We have a list of great (& quick) reads to keep you busy this holiday weekend.

Besides – who needs downtime when you can continue learning about all things finance?

corporate controllers

Top Reads for Corporate Controllers

1.  The Top 7 Digital Transformation Trends in Banking

The Finance Brand’s piece highlights the banking industry’s current digital transformation, brought upon by rising consumer expectations and of course, open banking.

2.  J.P. Morgan’s View: Best Practices in Cash Flow Forecasting

This Q & A session with the J.P. Morgan team responds to questions about cash management asked by treasurers and finance experts.

3.  Finance’s Guide to Modern Cash Management Tools

This useful guide introduces a new breed of modern cash management tools, enabled by the recent introduction of open banking.

4.  Understand the Drivers and Developments in FinTech

J.P. Morgan describes how technology driven innovations are entertering the finance sector, disrupting current processes and providing opportunities for automation.

5.  How Forecasting Software Can Help You Better Manage Cash Flow

You have heard the saying “cash is king.” This quick 3-minute read will walk you through how to better manage your cash flow by using forecasting software.

6.  Top 5 Women in FinTech Share Financial Tech Advice for Businesses

This article focuses on fintech advice provided by five women leaders in fintech. Their advice shares useful tips on what businesses can do to stay ahead with fintech.

7.  Combating Your Chronic Cash Flow Crisis

Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to get a better handle on your cash flow? This 2-part article will walk you through helpful tips to help you get started.

8.  Open Banking: 5 Steps Treasurers Should Be Taking Today

We know the treasury duties can sometimes fall into the lap of controllers. Automation can relieve many of those tedious duties. Read this guide and learn the 5 actionable steps you can take to embrace this new technology.

Now that you are equipped with a list of great (& quick) reads, you can go forth and start your Thanksgiving weekend!

…and if you are looking to automate cash flow management and forecasting, read below:, the only modern, big data platform in finance/treasury that is built on open banking providing a richer digital user experience. Real-time cash management & forecasting. No implementation. No IT.

Why is different from older, legacy systems? is directly integrated with banks that allows its users to connect to banks in minutes and stay connected with secure access tokens via modern Automated Programmable Interfaces (APIs)/Open Banking. APIs are what drives modern technology platforms like Google, Facebook, and Salesforce.

Cash positioning is fully automated and includes built-in business intelligence tools to visualize, analyze, report, and reconcile cash flows. Unlike other providers in the space, does not have along implementation turn around time and estimates a minimum of a few hours for a system to integrate. Moreover, offers affordable set-up and maintenance fees, contrary to legacy TMS.

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