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Fireside Chat with Trovata Square: Square’s Tim Murphy & Trovata’s Brett Turner

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In this candid Fireside Chat, Mike Hewitt from Treasury Dragons will be joined by Tim Murphy, Treasurer at Square, and Brett Turner, CEO of Trovata, for a master class on cash management automation and bank data delivery. Learn how Square modernized its treasury back office by leveraging Trovata’s disruptive big data platform.

But this won’t be the usual case study. Mike will be asking the challenging questions along with the easy ones, exposing obstacles and how they were overcome to improve Square’s access to rich, real-time cash insights.

The conversation will highlight treasury automation, bank connectivity, getting buy-in for the project, relationships with IT teams and return on investment. If you want to understand what a start-to-finish treasury automation project looks like from the inside, spend 45 minutes with Mike and his interviewees!


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Brett Turner
Founder/CEO, Trovata

After starting his career as a CPA with the Deloitte audit practice, Brett gained progressive experience in corporate finance and accounting managing SEC reporting for Amazon and then becoming VP of Finance for Worldwide Packets (sold for $300M+ in 2008). Across his last three roles as a startup Co-Founder / CFO, Brett has raised over $100M in equity and venture debt financing while helping create over $500M in shareholder value. Brett is a Seattle native, with a BA in Finance from Seattle Pacific University.

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Tim Murphy
Head of Finance Operations, Real Estate & Treasure, Square

Tim Murphy is the Head of Finance Operations, Real Estate & Treasurer at Square. Prior to Square, he was the VP of Treasury & Real Estate at Getty Images and held Treasury positions at Amazon, GroupeVicat, and ProBusiness Services.