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Break Free From Spreadsheets with Cash Management Automation

Join Joseph Drambarean, Trovata’s CTO to learn how you can eliminate tedious manual processes that hold you back – so you can focus on analysis that propels your cash management strategy forward.

You’ll discover how:

  • Consolidate and normalize bank data into a Multi-Bank Data Lake™

  • Categorize and segment transactions automatically

  • Empower you to automate key cash reports and forecasts critical for global cash visibility

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Joseph Drambarean​​
Chief Technology Officer, Trovata

Working with key Fortune-level brands, including Capital One, Marriott International, Microsoft, Harley-Davidson, and Allstate Insurance, Joseph Drambarean has helped brands navigate the digital landscape by creating and executing innovative digital strategies, as well as enterprise product integrations that incorporate cloud architecture, analytical insights, industry-leading UI/UX, and technical recommendations designed to bring measurable ROI.