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Level Up Your 2022 Cash Management Strategy with 3 Major API Advancements

Open banking has been a catalyst for key advancements within the banking industry as financial institutions collaborate with third parties to simplify financial management for the end client. Yet, many organizations are still far from realizing APIs’ full potential in finance and treasury as they haven’t been able to see the benefits of the technology in action.

Join Joseph Drambarean, CTO of Trovata, for an informative 30-minute session on how open banking can transform your treasury and finance operations with automated bank data collation, real-time payments, and powerful ERP integrations. You’ll walk away with confidence that you have a better understanding of how API-enabled open innovation in banking can help you trigger substantial business growth.

You’ll learn how open banking APIs are:

  • Simplifying bank data consolidation

  • Empowering real-time payments with no intermediary fees

  • Enabling full-scale visibility with ERP integrations

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Joseph Drambarean​
Chief Technology Officer, Trovata

Working with key Fortune-level brands, including Capital One, Marriott International, Microsoft, Harley-Davidson, and Allstate Insurance, Joseph Drambarean has helped brands navigate the digital landscape by creating and executing innovative digital strategies, as well as enterprise product integrations that incorporate cloud architecture, analytical insights, industry-leading UI/UX, and technical recommendations designed to bring measurable ROI.