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How Legacy Technologies Are Holding You Back From Achieving Cash Visibility

As we’ve seen in the pandemic, organizations must be agile more than ever before when responding to unexpected market changes. Those who struggle to achieve daily visibility into their cash flow with legacy technologies may catch these drastic changes to cash flow too late, leading to an increased risk of experiencing a major liquidity crisis.

In this 30 minute session, join Trovata’s CTO, Joseph Drambarean, to learn how your organization can achieve daily cash and transaction visibility across all your bank accounts with open banking APIs and advancements in machine learning technology. By being able to analyze, report on, and forecast more accurately and efficiently, you can ensure your organization is prepared to weather any financial storm that may arise.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Achieve daily cash visibility with bank APIs

  • Improve forecasting accuracy with your historical data

  • Maximize  cash reporting efficiency using automation

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Joseph Drambarean​
Chief Technology Officer, Trovata

Working with key Fortune-level brands, including Capital One, Marriott International, Microsoft, Harley-Davidson, and Allstate Insurance, Joseph Drambarean has helped brands navigate the digital landscape by creating and executing innovative digital strategies, as well as enterprise product integrations that incorporate cloud architecture, analytical insights, industry-leading UI/UX, and technical recommendations designed to bring measurable ROI.