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Crafting a Treasury Tech Ecosystem at Block

APIs have profoundly impacted finance functions, empowering organizations to craft in-house solutions for business-critical systems. This dynamic has brought finance professionals to a fascinating intersection where traditional acumen meets innovative problem-solving. Join JD in an engaging interview with Mark Brogna, Treasury Recon & Analytics Lead at Block, as he unveils the evolution of his distinctive role—fusing a product mindset with finance expertise. Learn how APIs play a central role in enabling treasurers to leverage technology and redefine their skill sets for the challenges of tomorrow.

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Episode Highlights

  • How Mark’s career evolved from traditional accounting responsibilities to product-focused problem-solving
  • Key steps to scale and develop your career within a business while growing it – and how technology can help to make the journey easier
  • How APIs help overcome the challenges of data aggregation, data synchronization, and data quality in treasury operations
  • When businesses should consider building in-house engineering teams to support internal operations versus outsourcing technical resourcesThe potential impact of AI on bridging the gap between speed and resilience for real-time payments  


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Show Notes / Resources

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About Fintech Corner

A podcast for fintech lovers that starts conversations between bankers, financial technology innovators, and their clients to evolve finance and treasury for the 21st century. For decades, there has been a gap between the technology that banks can offer and what corporate clients need for modern cash flow management and analysis. We’ll cover emerging trends to help bridge this gap, technologies that can reshape the roles of treasury & finance, and the in’s and out’s of API bank connections & open banking.

Hosts / Guest Speakers

Mark Brogna
Treasury Recon & Analytics Lead

Mark Brogna leads the Treasury Recon & Analytics Team at Block where he oversees Block’s bank data and reconciliation function as well as the Treasury system’s function. Mark has been at Block for 11 years serving in various roles across the Treasury function, typically with a focus on the movement of product and customer funds across Block’s network of bank accounts.

Joseph Drambarean
CPO & CTO, Trovata

Joseph Drambarean is the Chief Product Officer as well as Chief Technology Officer at Trovata. Joseph is one of the founding members of the company and the first engineer. Before Trovata, he worked with companies like Capital One where he was at the forefront of digital transformation, leading product management as head of the innovation labs and mobile banking teams. Joseph is driving innovation around rapid deployment and customer onboarding, bank-grade security, and machine learning at Trovata, creating a more consumerized user experience for customers from small businesses to enterprises.