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Trovata’s Multibank Connector

Get client multibank data into your platform.

Partner with us for a best-in-class, low-code multibank connectivity solution. Trovata’s self-connect widget lets you bring the power of corporate multibank data into your own bank portal, ERP, TMS – nearly any web environment.

The world’s largest library of APIs in corporate banking

APIs are the modern building blocks required to automate next-gen financial services. It’s why some of the largest financial institutions from around the world are our investors.

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Trovata is the first global standard for corporate bank APIs + legacy sFTP.

Legacy: sFTP

Service Bureaus, TMS, & bank gateways use legacy data collections methods like secure File Transfer Protocol (sFTP) and older file formats (MT940, CAMT, & BAI2) that limit data & lack automation.

  • Heavy IT dependency
  • Providers plug gaps with no audit trail
  • End users have to reconcile
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Modern: APIs + sFTP

As the pendulum shifts to direct bank APIs, Trovata gives you the best of both worlds with true quality assurance.

Multibank connectivity as a managed service

The next wave of digital transformation demands that financial services be interwoven within your business applications. This means you need instant access to your clients’ bank balances and transactions. Trovata’s SDK + developer portal gives you everything you need as a managed service.

Why choose Trovata as your data solution


Built on AWS for native cloud speed, agility, and scale


Fully-managed service including  client consent


Future-proof global standard amidst bank modernization

Trovata vs. legacy TMS & Swift Service Bureaus

Trovata is democratizing corporate multibank data. Our new standalone SDK is a modern embedded banking solution, while our data platform provides you with an unparalleled tech foundation to build on.



Data normalization and storage across all formats

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Scalable processing for AI, machine learning, and quick searches

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Process and query billions of bank transactions in milliseconds

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Managed service with built-in quality control to ensure accuracy

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Clients can search and self-connect banks in a few clicks

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Easy to deploy with a few lines of code as an embedded service

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Manages client's consent for data use by the bank

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Robust developer portal with many APIs to leverage

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Better, cheaper, faster, and more secure

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Customize Data Delivery & Use

Trovata provides a toolkit of APIs that makes it easy to build integrations & custom multibank data feeds into your apps & services.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Trovata is part of the SWIFT network and can be found with the following BIC (TRVTUS66). Trovata can aggregate SWIFT messages for balance and transaction information from any bank that is in the SWIFT network worldwide. Trovata can also initiate SWIFT messages on behalf of a customer sending payments anywhere in the world.

For partners that are interested in providing a seamless experience for their customers to connect to corporate accounts for information reporting, payment processing, and access to the SWIFT network the Trovata Multibank Connector is a low-code solution that enables self-service connectivity by end customers to their banks. In addition, the Trovata API platform allows for accessibility to the data of customers that have opted into the program allowing for custom solutions leveraging customer data. Use cases include cash flow management, information reporting, payment processing, credit decisioning.

For partners implementing the Trovata Multibank Connector SDK is intended to be as low code as possible. Initializing the SDK is as simple as adding a few lines of code to the page on which it will be utilized. Customer identification is securely initiated through a dedicated API, and customer sessions are stateful ensuring the highest levels of security. The average implementation of the SDK can be accomplished in under 2 weeks. From there the SDK is fully web-based iframe allowing for the assets to be continuously maintained by Trovata offering feature updates, bug fixes, and improvements delivered seamlessly to your platform without any updates required.

Each client has the opportunity to provide their consent opting into the program and allowing for their data to be shared with any partner. This consent is captured digitally in the user experience and can be tailored to fit the business model intended for use by the widget.

Trovata maintains the largest catalog of corporate banking connections in the world across modern platforms such as APIs, legacy reporting solutions via host-to-host connectivity, and accessibility to the global SWIFT network. This catalog is evergreen and continues to be updated with the best connection options available for every bank in the world.

Trovata brings together the various reporting formats for a variety of different bank reporting formats including custom JSON from modern banking APIs, standard formats including ISO20022, CAMT53, MT940, BAI2, and other common bank reporting formats. In addition, Trovata consolidates these bank reporting formats in order to provide a seamless data experience for the end customer as well as the partner. Trovata also maintains all original reporting formats from the bank providing an auditable data trail to all original data.

Partners can customize the branding of the Trovata Multibank Connector SDK with options to provide brand color accents, as well as to include logos and widget icon styles.

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