Multi-Bank Data Lake™️

Trovata’s Multi-Bank Data Lake™ product is a fully managed, Platform as a Service (PaaS) that stores raw bank data collected from wholesale banking APIs across multiple sources in perpetuity, enabling machine learning algorithms to process and visualize data in Trovata’s cash management, data visibility layer. 

Trovata’s Multi-Bank Data Lake provides:

  • Secure Bank Data Storage: Direct banking API connections collect and store cash transaction data in the Multi-Bank Data Lake in perpetuity, normalizing all the data into one common format, and maintaining rich metadata that scales across all connected banks.
  • Data Integrity: A manifest API monitors the data environment for synchronization issues with the bank’s internal databases to ensure proper quality assurance.
  • Better Access to Historical Transaction Data: Machine learning algorithms process and serve your data in one intuitive, user friendly dashboard empowering organizations to find specific transaction information, generate automatic cash reports, and share account data across teams.