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Automating Cash Management

No IT Resources Needed

Stop managing your cash flow in spreadsheets. Get all your bank data in one platform, automatically normalized with zero manual work. Increase your forecast accuracy with machine learning and AI natively built into your cash management. 

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Trovata Platform Features

Cash forecasting can be a mess of spreadsheets and scattered data. Trovata makes it simple by collecting and normalizing data, then generating reports, all in one platform.

Trovata provides tools that enable you to better manage, visualize and analyze data. This enables you to make fast and informed business decisions.


Trovata provides tools that enable you to better manage, visualize and analyze data. This enables you to make fast, precise and informed business decisions.

Trovata’s API Platform establishes a dedicated financial big data pipeline that drives value across your enterprise.

Bringing an End to Manual Workflows

For most companies, 75% of the work that goes into analyzing cash is manually compiling the source data and rolling over Excel models.

Built for growing teams

Don’t take our word for it, hear what our customers have to say.

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“Before Trovata, we were manually doing all reporting in Excel and sending that to the CFO for review. We were able to automate this process and our CEO is able to log into the portal and view real-time reporting.”

Faheem Sorathia, Former Accounting Manager at Emerald Expositions
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“Open banking is going to be revolutionary. Being able to take advantage of that with a truly cloud based application that you can get started with very quickly is hugely powerful.”

Tim Murphy, Treasurer at Square
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“Trovata has saved me multiple times when I just needed a quick view of cash trends. I simply used my phone to login. It was so easy.”
Aurelia Sirbu, CFO at Orbus