Work from Home: 3 Tips for Managing Telework

Written by Trovata Team
December 1, 2020

The Transition to a Remote Work Environment

Like many businesses, the Trovata team transitioned to telework in March of this year. While this shift was a sharp contrast for those who worked at Trovata’s San Diego headquarters, nearly 40 percent of Trovata employees had already been successfully working from home. 

This existing telework blueprint made Trovata’s transition to a fully remote work culture fairly simple, as we already had a working outline. From the beginning, our goal was to create and maintain a culture and experience that was consistent whether employees were in-office or working remotely. While the pandemic expanded the size of our remote team, our goal remained the same and our focus shifted to ensure that all of our employees had what they needed to be successful from their home office.

As a rapidly evolving FinTech B2B business, innovation and adaptability are central to how Trovata operates. While we had just moved into a beautiful office, we understood that the future of work would look different post-pandemic and quickly adjusted to that new reality. 

work from home

How to Develop a Work-From-Home Framework?

  • Adaptability
  • Communication
  • Equalization


At our core, ingenuity and adaptability are what drives our business. Our product, Trovata Platform, is an innovation that is disrupting the modern cash management space. These tenets can be seen in the way we transposed our in-office traditions to an online format. Office small talk turned into a virtual Wednesday coffee break, the in-office sales celebration bell turned into a Slack channel appropriately named #dings, and our celebrations for everything from birthdays to anniversaries found their virtual home in our Slack #allhands channel. When converting to an online work environment, it was important that our employees still felt appreciated and connected to their team. Our All-Hands Zoom meetings became the place where we could celebrate all of our team’s wins, and give shout-outs to employees going above and beyond expectations.

While Zoom and Slack were not new tools for the Trovata team, they have certainly taken on a new and crucial role in our ability to communicate as a fully-remote organization.


By finding new ways to leverage existing tools like Zoom, Slack, and Trello, our teams have thrived in their new online environment. This year our team has been hard at work acquiring and delighting customers, customers while delivering innovative new features to the Trovata Platform. Our ability to maintain a high level of communication, and collaboration while working remotely, has allowed Trovata to ramp up its growth trajectory.

We have also seen our employees find innovative methods of team building within their own departments by turning Slack channels into pockets of the office. With everything from virtual happy hours to our Sales and Marketing team’s “Song of the Day” channel, we love to see our team finding ways to keep that in-office culture alive. 

Supporting Our Team

As a company, our top priority was to ensure that everyone had equal access and opportunity to thrive in their at-home work environment. This meant providing standing desks, chairs, monitors, a stipend for wifi, and anything else that team members felt they needed to be productive. 

While there are many benefits to working remotely, it can sometimes feel as though you are “always-on”. To ensure that employees can take time for themselves and unplug, we do not place a cap on employee leave. We trust our employees to manage their time and take the time they need to strike a work-life balance.

“We are not just surviving with a remote work environment, we are thriving. Our employees adapted quickly as we expanded our remote culture and framework, which also de-risked our plans for growth, giving us the ability to draw on a nationwide talent pool, and importantly, retain top associates.” – Jonathan Tuke, VP of Operations at Trovata

We are very proud of our team for working so hard to embrace this new way to work. Team Trovata is looking forward to continuing to grow and adapt to the future of work, whatever that may look like in a post-pandemic world. 

About Trovata

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