Trovata and Morgan Money Partnership: Generate Yield on Idle Cash More Easily

Written by Trovata Team
December 13, 2022

Amidst rising interest rates, J.P. Morgan Asset Management, a global leader in investment management, has partnered with Trovata to enable our joint customers to use Morgan Money’s services to access higher yields on corporate investing. 


Trovata users will be able to tap into Morgan Money’s services directly from within our cash flow analytics platform for seamless access to Morgan Money’s trading, analytics, and reporting.

What is Morgan Money?

Morgan Money is a multi-currency, open architecture trading and analytics platform. Its operational efficiency, end-to-end system integration, and effective controls allow its users to invest when, where and however they want — securely. 

Morgan Money is the first third-party app to be offered within the Trovata cash management platform. 

Finance’s Modern Toolbox to Manage Cash and Investments

Trovata helps corporate finance professionals create a single source of truth for cash balances, transactions, and cash flow trends from all of their banks and bank accounts. With our data tagging feature, you can organize bank transactions into their various cash flow types.  

These data tags make it easy to build powerful cash forecasting models essential for determining liquidity thresholds sufficient for keeping enough cash on hand to pay the bills.

Armed with these insights, a natural next step that you will be able to take is to invest any excess cash using Morgan Money’s services, which will be made accessible directly from within the Trovata platform. 

With the rapid rise in interest rates, businesses in the current market can generate as much as 3-4% of low-risk interest income or “yield” on their idle cash from operations.

This is why we’re thrilled to partner with J.P. Morgan Asset Management to provide our mutual customers with seamless access to Morgan Money’s services.

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Morgan Money’s Short-Term Investment Options

Morgan Money offers an extensive menu of more than 100 short-term investment solutions managed by J.P. Morgan Asset Management and other leading investment management firms, allowing its customers the flexibility to build a multi-manager, multi-currency liquidity portfolio. 

Some of the investment options include:

  • Money Market Funds (Daily +) – Designed to manage “operating cash” and other short-term funding needs. Includes AAA-rated U.S. and international offerings that are expected to be relatively stable.
  • Ultra-Short Funds (6 months +) – Designed for “reserve cash” investments expected to be relatively stable investments for six months or longer and typically providing a higher yield than money market funds. 
  • Short Duration Funds – Designed for “strategic cash” investments expected to be relatively stable investments for a year or longer with a longer duration than ultra-short funds, but less interest rate risk than longer-term bond funds. 

What Does This Partnership Mean for You?

Here are just four benefits that Trovata and Morgan Money customers can expect:

  • If you are a Morgan Money user, your investment balances and transactions will be able to flow into Trovata in real-time.
  • Manage and monitor operating and investing activities all from within the Trovata platform.
  • Determine your liquidity needs using Trovata then take action to invest seamlessly using the services offered by Morgan Money.
  • Transact across your global portfolio in real time and compare funds across multiple managers, currencies, durations, or settlement options.
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Stay tuned for upcoming product updates about this powerful integration and multi-phase release in 2023. Read the full press release

Financial products and services provided by J.P. Morgan Asset Management and its affiliates.  Trovata is not an affiliate of J.P. Morgan Asset Management.

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