5 Top Fintech Podcasts to Stream in 2023

Written by Kalei White
April 10, 2023

As a finance professional, staying updated on the top fintech podcasts is crucial to keep up with the rapidly evolving financial technology landscape, both on the consumer and corporate side.

With fintech podcasts, you can stay informed about innovative solutions for financial challenges while connecting with thought leaders at the forefront of finance and technology. These podcasts provide invaluable knowledge on the latest trends, developments, and expert hot-takes that can help you progress in your career.

In this post, we’ll reveal our curated list of the top five current fintech podcasts for 2023 that consistently publish top-notch content so you can hear from industry leaders who share their knowledge and experiences in reshaping financial services globally.

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1. Fintech Corner

For Insider Knowledge of Open Banking and Cash Flow Management

For corporate finance professionals seeking to stay ahead of the curve, Fintech Corner offers a comprehensive podcast on all things fintech, especially open banking and cash flow management trends in the B2B space. 

Sponsored by Trovata and hosted by our Chief Product Officer, Joseph Drambarean, each episode features top financial technology experts examining the latest trends in fintech with takeaways that can help improve your business strategy and finance operations, whether you work for a startup to an enterprise corporation to a bank.

Fintech Corner dives deep into innovations within open banking, exploring how APIs are revolutionizing the way businesses interact with their financial data. From streamlining payment processes to providing real-time insights into cash positions, learn about cutting-edge solutions that can help you optimize your company’s finances.

The latest hot topics from Fintech corner include:

  • Should finance professionals use ChatGPT for their job?
  • Advances in treasury technology, AI, and automation
  • What’s going on with today’s interest rates and corporate investing?
  • Tips to de-risk your startup in today’s economy and prolong runway
  • How APIs are disintermediating the third-party payment ecosystem

In addition to these valuable insights, Fintech Corner features interviews with industry leaders who share their experiences in implementing innovative fintech solutions. By tuning into this podcast, you’ll gain a wealth of knowledge on how to harness the power of technology for better financial decision-making.

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Check out one of the most popular episodes here:

2. Fintech Insider 

For Global Fintech Headlines and Insights

Since 2015, Fintech Insider by 11:FS is one of the foremost resources for current information regarding the ever-changing fintech realm, focusing on the consumer side for the most part. Each episode is hosted by a rotation of 11:FS experts including David Brear, Jason Bates, Katy Moody, and Ross Gallagher with guests from some of the biggest names in finance like Visa to founders of emerging fintechs across the globe. 

Fintech Insider’s weekly news shows break top stories from the last seven days in financial services, while insights episodes deep dive into specific subjects in a lot of detail. 

Some of the topics you might hear about include:

  • The need for financial inclusion and the rise of new female founders
  • Everything Silicon Valley Bank collapse
  • Biggest moves in the Buy-Now-Pay Later space
  • The power of open finance and open data
  • Trends in fintech user experience 

Not only that, but Fintech Insider delves deep into emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning, blockchain, and more. By listening to this podcast, you’ll most certainly be up-to-speed with all things fintech. 

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Check out one of the most popular episodes here:

3. Breaking Banks

For a Behind-the-Scenes Look at Modern Banking

Listen to Breaking Banks, a podcast that dives deep into the world of innovative solutions and strategies designed to help you tackle financial challenges head-on. Hosted by Brett King, Jason Henrichs, JP Nicols & Amber Buker, this show features interviews with fintech pioneers who have successfully implemented groundbreaking approaches in their businesses.

In each episode, guests share their visions for the future of finance and how technology is reshaping traditional banking systems. From blockchain-based payment platforms to AI-driven risk management tools, Breaking Banks offers valuable insights on emerging trends that are poised to revolutionize the way we manage our finances.

Latest hot topics from Breaking Banks include:

  • Startups and programs that are leading the way forward towards an inclusive financial ecosystem 
  • The personalization of finance
  • Cool things you didn’t know where happening at the intersection of fintech, healthcare, and food accessibility
  • The future of work and future work
  • Balancing friction and fraud in the global economy

The real-life success stories featured on Breaking Banks serve as powerful reminders that embracing innovation can lead not only to overcoming financial challenges but also unlocking new opportunities for growth. 

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Check out one of the most popular episodes here:

4. Fintech Business Weekly

For All Things Fintech, Banking, and Crypto

Fintech Business Weekly is a weekly newsletter and podcast by Jason Mikula that covers a wide range of topics such as blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), and machine learning (ML). By tuning into this informative show regularly, you’ll learn about new developments in the industry and gain valuable insights into just what is happening in fintech.

Latest hot topics from Fintech Business Weekly include:

  • How blockchain technology is revolutionizing various aspects of finance
  • Ways AI and ML are transforming traditional banking services through automation and data analysis capabilities
  • Emerging trends shaping digital banking experiences from mobile wallets to online lending platforms 
  • Potential threats posed by cybercriminals targeting financial institutions

Fintech Business Weekly also features interviews with prominent experts within the fintech space who share their perspectives on current issues impacting businesses today. For example, in a recent episode, Mikula interviewed Plaid’s Head of Identity, discussing identity verification tech, both how it can be used in and out of finance services.

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Check out one of the most popular episodes here:

5. Hey Fintech Friends!

For Interviews with Emerging Thought Leaders in Finance & Technology

If you’re looking to expand your network and knowledge of fintech, look no further than the Hey Fintech Friends podcast, also by 11:FS. This engaging show brings together thought leaders from finance and technology sectors who share their experiences, insights, and innovative approaches to using fintech within their organizations.

Hey Fintech Friends is an excellent resource for CFOs, treasurers, controllers, and corporate finance professionals seeking fresh perspectives on how they can leverage financial technology to drive growth and innovation. If you’re an entrepreneur, it can serve as inspiration to hear from other entrepreneurs who are disrupting different aspects of financial services as well.

With a diverse lineup of guests that includes CEOs, founders, investors, analysts – you name it – this podcast offers invaluable lessons from those who have been there and done that.

Key topics from recent episodes:

  • Latest trends in digital currencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum
  • Best practices for safeguarding sensitive customer information while staying compliant with data protection regulations
  • How companies are successfully embracing digital transformation strategies to stay competitive
  • Seasoned investors share how to secure funding for your next big idea

What sets Hey Fintech Friends apart from other podcasts in the space is its focus on storytelling. Each episode features a candid conversation with an industry leader who shares their unique journey, challenges faced, and lessons learned along the way. 

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6. Bonus – This Week in Startups

All Things Startups, Tech, Markets, Media, and Business

Okay, while it’s not a fintech podcast, per se, we’re adding This Week in Startups to the list because, if you’re interested in fintech, you most likely enjoy the startup aspect of it, and this is perhaps the best podcast to listen to if you want to stay in-the-know in this realm.

Host, Jason Calacanis interviews the world’s greatest founders, operators, investors, and innovators, for a well-rounded view into what’s happening in the startup world. Listen to this show to discover who is best using AI, the latest startup scandal, the state of venture capital, and so on!

Latest hot topics from This Week in Startups include:

  • AI’s rapid progress and the “post-knowledge work era”
  • Jason’s startup pitch competitions where he invests $25k
  • TikTok’s CEO being grilled in front of Congress
  • The banking crisis’ impact on the startup community

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Check out one of the most popular episodes here:

Learn From Fintech Podcasts On-the-Go

If you’re a banker, finance pro, or even an entrepreneur, it’s essential to be aware of the latest fintech advancements; if you aren’t yet! Podcasts are a great (not to mention free) way to consume information anywhere, whether you’re driving, cooking, working out, or even at work – there’s no such thing as too much fintech news! 

By staying clued into what’s happening in fintech, you can stay afloat amidst the quickly changing tides of technology.

And, we may be biased, but above all, do give Fintech Corner a listen. You’ll be glad you did!

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