Employee Spotlight: Meet Trovata’s Enterprise Treasury Lead, Paul Bramwell 

Written by Sergio Garcia
November 13, 2023
paul bramwell

Building a truly world class treasury platform requires expertise from individuals who have a unique mix of vision, technical skills, and creativity. They must be eager to innovate, problem solve, and disrupt the status quo.

Paul Bramwell, Enterprise Treasury Lead, not only embodies these characteristics but also joins Trovata with over 30 years of experience in both treasury management and technology.

With a dedication to delivering exceptional treasury solutions and elevating treasury operations to new heights, Paul exemplifies the mission and values at Trovata.

Revolutionizing Treasury Operations for Over 30 years

Paul Bramwell has dedicated 34 years to the treasury management profession, embarking on his journey first as a cash manager and subsequently managing FX and interest rate risk in various corporate treasury roles in the UK. Intrigued by the transformative power of technology in the DOS-based era, Paul delved into automating complex processes, achieving substantial efficiency and accuracy gains through spreadsheet-based solutions. These early experiences set the stage for a career in treasury technology, marked by a keen understanding of treasury complexities  and a passion for leveraging technology to solve real world solutions effectively.

After 11 years as a corporate treasury practitioner, Paul shifted focus to pursue his passion for treasury tech and joined FIS (formerly known as SunGard). Initially, he took on the role of a pre-sales professional for their high-end treasury system, Quantum, in January 2000 . Over time, Paul assumed diverse responsibilities, transitioning to VP of Sales and eventually taking the helm as the Senior Vice President of Treasury Operations. In this capacity, he successfully managed FIS’s portfolio of treasury products and directed the product management function and the P&L of the business. During this time, FIS had 7 TMS solutions, all in desperate need of updates and rationalization and Paul was seen as the ideal person to navigate SunGard through this period. 

Paul spent 16 years at FIS before bringing his wealth of experience to Ernst and Young (EY) as a partner in their treasury advisory practice out of New York City, with a specific  focus on technology. His role involved unraveling the intricacies of corporate treasury functions, partnering with industry vendors, and serving as a strategic partner for corporate leadership teams by helping to efficiently control all aspects of the treasury function including policies, procedures, carve-outs, due diligence and especially, technology.

Subsequent to joining EY, Paul was asked by the CEO of Kyriba to join as Chief Client Officer with responsibility for Professional Services, Support, Client Success and COE team. This gave Paul great insight into the power of a true SaaS solution and the power of a formidable marketing team and partner strategy.

What Convinced Paul Bramwell Trovata Is “The Place to Be”

With such an impressive career spanning every facet of treasury management technology, Paul Bramwell was drawn to Trovata after multiple conversations with Brett Turner, Founder and CEO of Trovata. Brett highlighted the transformative solutions the company provides, and shared his powerful vision for the future.

The combination of Trovata’s cutting-edge technology, and the opportunity to build TMS functionality on top of an already incredible platform, all aligned with what Paul was looking for in his next career move. 

paul bramwell

“Trovata is truly world class at bank connectivity. Tagging, segmenting, reporting, grouping, identifying, coupled with  incredible search capabilities is spectacular. No other treasury systems offer such capabilities due to the technical debt of their underlying platforms which were built in the 90’s and early 00’s. The opportunity to layer traditional treasury functionality within the platform and add more value on top of what Trovata already brings to the table will completely transform the industry. When we do that, it will truly be transformational, differentiating and we will hit it out of the ballpark. The potential impact of AI and Generative AI will also be transformational with data being the key to making better decisions. Trovata’s ability to handle and mine vast amounts of data using the latest AI technology puts us at the forefront of the banking and cash management world.”

Driven to Build Solutions That Make a Difference

A customer’s needs go beyond simply completing tasks like cash forecasting or scenario planning. Paul has walked in the customer’s shoes trying to analyze data in limited and outdated systems. It’s this experience that shaped his passion for treasury technology and its powerful role in driving true change. When you gain this insight, the solution becomes less transactional and completely customer-centric. The work you create has a direct impact on people’s  lives.

“Trovata is an incredibly agile company, true FinTech, true entrepreneurial spirit, with unbelievable technology. As we expand the traditional treasury system capabilities, we can effectuate real change in the market. The possibilities that it creates for treasury operations is very, very exciting.”

Shaking up the Treasury Tech Market

Treasurers have been using the same solutions for 20-30 years with minimal innovation. Emerging technologies, such as APIs and AI alongside technology platform enhancements such as AWS have enabled agile tech teams to get to market quicker and overcome legacy tech debt in recent years – creating an opportunity to disrupt the treasury tech space. It’s this opportunity that paints a compelling future for the market. One where treasury professionals have new and exciting options to truly transform how they operate.

paul bramwell

“The treasury technology market has been very static for 30 years now. With Trovata’s developmental platform, AWS hosting, and API connectivity and use of AI we will be truly new and different. Market buyers of treasury systems have been somewhat frustrated and bored with such limited choices to buy because of vendor consolidation and we are the new kid on the block.”

Trovata is Leading Digital Transformation in Finance

Trovata helps businesses automate the work it takes to gather and normalize all of its financial data. Trovata enables finance and treasury teams to access, build, manage, and control their own trove of financial data – from banks, business & accounting systems, and external markets – connecting to these sources in minutes. Experience firsthand how Trovata is transforming treasury operations through APIs, AI, and revolutionary bank connectivity. Book a demo today!

paul bramwell

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