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Press Raises $20M to Aggregate Enterprise Bank Accounts with AI

Written by Venture Beats
January 19, 2021

Banking technology startup today announced it has raised $20 million in a series A round led by Wells Fargo Strategic Capital. The investment will be used to deliver new services and accelerate multi-bank APIs globally, the company says, and to add more bank distribution partners.

Trovata founder and CEO Brett Turner, who has spent time at Deloitte and Amazon, predicted that the rise of consumer bank aggregators driving fintech would lead to direct APIs for commercial banking and treasury services from banks globally. These prebuilt bank integrations, he believed, would remove enterprises’ need for legacy implementations or IT support and enable self-setup.

Turner launched 35-employee Trovata in 2019 in anticipation of the transformation, with a platform to aggregate companies’ bank balances and transactions natively on wholesale banking APIs. Using AI and machine learning, Trovata can automate cash-centric workflows such as cash reporting, analysis, and forecasting, allowing companies to see how much cash they have in real time while managing cash flow and building and maintaining forecasts.

Trovata acts as a high-performance data lake to store and manage bank data in a scalable multi-bank environment. The platform collects and normalizes data and then generates a forecast, leveraging machine learning to establish a baseline and analyze historical trends to increase forecast accuracy.

Trovata lets customers including Square tag data by region, entity, division, or arbitrary label. It also translates all non-USD denominated amounts into USD equivalents, offering the ability to drill down and generate forecasts for subsidiaries individually. A Google-like natural language search tool with a 300 millisecond response rate lets users find and tag key vendors, customers, and partners across millions of transactions.

“The tipping point is near, and … Trovata can play [a profound role] in wholesale banking and treasury services. The pandemic has spurned the need for better cash visibility, bank data in real time, and more proactive cash forecasting. Companies growing and contracting are in need of these things which have only accelerated interest,” Turner said in a statement. “Revenue is confidential, but our average deal size is roughly $25,00 and we’ve grown from 0 to nearly 100 mid-market and small enterprise customers in 18 months. We’ll be announcing a new up-market product for the enterprise later this month and expect to grow 4 times to 5 times this year.”

“We are keen on how technology is reinventing the treasury function into a modern, insight-driven operation that helps our clients deliver on their business strategy,” Wells Fargo Strategic Capital managing director Basil Darwish added. “Trovata provides distinctive technology and a client-centric approach to automating treasury services, and we’re excited to support their ongoing growth with this investment.”

Capital One Ventures and Pivot Investment Partners also participated in Trovata’s series A announced today, as well as existing early investors J.P. Morgan and FINTOP Capital. This brings the San Diego-based company’s total raised to over $30 million, following seed and venture rounds totaling $10.6 million.