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Trovata Launches Free Version of its Enterprise-Grade Cash Management Platform for Businesses of All Sizes

Next-gen user experience with free bank connection goes beyond bank portals
November 17, 2022

San Diego – November 16, 2022 – Trovata, a global leader in enterprise cash management, has made its platform available to businesses of all sizes with a new free version. With over $100 billion of cash managed for nearly 200 enterprise customers, like Square, Eventbrite, and Krispy Kreme, Trovata makes it easy for companies to take control of their cash flow.

In today’s economic climate, finance professionals are prioritizing digital transformation and demanding more product-oriented and contemporary user experiences to manage cash. Four of the largest banks in the world have invested in Trovata to help them bridge the gap with better cash visibility, automated transaction tagging, and cash forecasting. Trovata takes a bank-agnostic approach as a fintech that’s built for big data, speed, agility, and automation at enterprise scale.

Trovata offers a self-serve signup experience and connects your first bank for free. It uses its own library of corporate banking APIs – the most extensive in the U.S., which it pioneered with large global banks – for a fast, secure, and fully managed connection experience.

Controlling and managing the data and transport layers, as an end-to-end platform, has been key in driving automation and optimizing user experience with AI and ML. The company deploys natural language search throughout the product. This makes it easy to find and tag bank transactions, build powerful reports and forecasts, and manage your bank data, which is key for automating manual workflows in finance, accounting, and treasury – something the company’s founder knows all too well as a former Controller and CFO himself.

“Most banks recognize they aren’t tech companies, so they’re investing in Trovata,” said Brett Turner, Founder & CEO. “Digital transformation requires a new tech platform to solve these major pain points. We’ve entered an era where spreadsheets as a workaround for the limitations of legacy online banking is no longer viable.”

About Trovata

Trovata makes it easy for businesses to automate cash reporting, forecasting, analysis, and money movement. By bridging the gap between banks and accounting systems, Trovata helps companies gain powerful insights into their cash flows and facilitate better and quicker business decisions. As an end-to-end fintech platform for managing cash, Trovata collaborates with the world’s largest financial institutions to deliver next-gen banking services. Trovata is based in San Diego, CA.

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